Electric vs Nitrogen

  • 220+ Studies on NIH done in systems

  • Whole Body Cooling

  • Ambient room cooling uniformly

  • Skin temperature measures near the core

  • Fresh Oxygenated air, no gas, whole body

  • Whole Body exposure activates CNS

  • Safety database of 500,000+ treatments with Zero Incidents

  • Multi-person social experiences, clothed

  • Consumer sustainable pricing

  • Fewer than 5 studies found using nitrogen saunas

  • Partial Body Cooling

  • Forced Air Cooling from the feet up

  • Skin temp measures near the ankle (if at all)

  • Liquid nitrogen exposure, ventilation required, head/chest out

  • Partial body cooling targets lower extremities

  • Forced air burns, respiratory, light headedness, and other concerns reported

  • Single person, private experience culture, near nude

  • Novelty experience, high price points

  • Multiple independent operators, variable services nationwide

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