I was interested in trying Whole Body Cryo Therapy (WBCT) to help with shoulder issues and I heard it helps with inflammation   Also, with being a CrossFitter, I wanted to see if it helps with the aches and pains that come along with CrossFit!   I tried it, been doing it for 2 weeks, 5-6 days a week (got the unlimited usage package offered), and added the infrared panels.   WBCT takes 3 and 1/2 minutes and the infrared panels take 10 minutes.  I am very encouraged with the results so far!


Body - My overall soreness is much less.  I don’t feel “beat up” by the end of the week.  My workouts have improved slightly just because my body feels good.  My shoulders still need therapy but it’s only been 2 weeks!


Sleep - My sleep is definitely higher quality sleep and longer.


Mental Clarity / Mental State - These two things were definitely a surprise!   My mental state of mind is so much better!  I can think clearer and my anxiety has gone down tremendously!  I suffer from depression and manage it with medication but WBCT and infrared panels seem to put me in a much better state of mind than my meds!  This is HUGE for me!


Skin - I’ve gotten comments on how my face is really clear (suffer from acne breakouts occasionally) and how smooth it looks.  I have a few scars on my body that I’m hoping to see them diminish after more usage.


Overall, I know WBCT and infrared panels are so beneficial for my body and mind.  It’s one thing I can do for myself and not feel guilty about it.

Dee S.

"Here is my experience using WBCT and Red Light Therapy on a daily basis. I was curious to see for myself how WBCT would affect me both physically and mentally. I have never done/experience a Cryo therapy session, so this store was my first chance to try it. The staff is awesome. They are super friendly and just makes the whole experience enjoyable. 


For me, WBCT and the Red Light Therapy has helped me mentally which is what I was most surprised about. I feel focused, sharp, and overall mentally healthier than before. I feel way more motivated and less anxious throughout the day, which is what I need in my current work field. 


I can say my sleeping has improved quite a bit. I have suffered from insomnia my whole life, and these sessions have drastically improved my ability to fall asleep. I wake up feeling well rested, and I have even begun working out at the gym in the early morning instead of in the evening! This is all thanks to me being able to fall asleep much quicker and deeper than usual, allowing me to feel refreshed in the morning.


Overall I am really excited and super happy I walked in to try something new. I was looking for a change in my life, and this came in at the perfect time. I highly recommend to stop by and to give it a shot. It's just 3 1/2 minutes of your time!"



I learned about Whole Body Cryo Therapy (WBCT) through my workout friend. I’m a Register Nurse and well I needed to do a little research about it before deciding to give it a fair try. I was drawn to WBCT because of its anti-inflammatory, vascular circulation, and pain relief properties. I’m also a retired Army Veteran with multiple muscular and neurologic deficiencies. I’m always looking for non-medicinal treatments to help relieve pain in my neck, back, leg, anything that will help with my breathing issues and also to decrease my anxiety, depression and simply increase my wellbeing. On top of it all, I love to workout. I’m a avid CrossFit gym rat. I work out 5-6 days a week.  I’ve started doing WBCT since October 10 2019.


I started with the WBCT chamber, then added the Infrared panels (light therapy), and the Infrared Sauna.   

Body-My joint mobility has increased. I accredit this to the reduction of inflammation. I can see the vast improvements with my workout recovery time, not to mention, the decrease in my neck, back and leg pains.  The Infrared Sauna is my best friend. I use the sauna every other day. Its an amazing detoxifier. After two sessions, and all my digestive issues were gone. It’s the best detoxifier I’ve ever used.

Mental Clarity/Menta State-After each WBCT and infrared panel therapy, I feel “happier,” stress-free, more focused and ready to tackle my day. I’m a very regimented individual. The days I’m not able to maintain my WBCT and infrared therapies, I’m sluggish and tired.

Skin-My skin radiates after the infrared therapy. My scars have drastically changed, almost gone. I have seen my stretch marks decrease in depth. 

Overall- The WBCT, with the infrared light therapy and infrared sauna have changed my wellness. I feel healthier, more relaxed, focused, less pain and soreness, and overall happier. I will continue with these regiment over medications-- I’m a convert for sure!


Violeta, SS.

Registered Nurse

Army Retiree


Cross Fitter




I have been doing Cryo for over 5 years and have been to many Cryo clinics in San Antonio and NONE of them stack up to the professionalism and friendliness of Total Regen!!  I very rarely give kudos but this business deserves it... 

The benefits of Cryotherapy is amazing but when you couple it with great employees and a world class service there is nothing better!  Keep up the incredible work!!! 


B Wagz

I have struggled with a hamstring issue for a while and often had a great deal of soreness when running. Since we started the one on one stretching, the pain is virtually gone. Seeing such rapid improvement has been nothing short of amazing.