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Subzero Aesthetics 

Subzero Aesthetic Services

Simple, fast and safe treatment option for health and beauty. 

  • BODY SCULPTING Body Contouring Fat reduction Skin toning  

  • AESTHETICS Skin (Acne, Rosacea, Ezcema) Stretch mark/Scars 

  • FROTOX Stimulates collagen Tightens skin Enhances microcirculation 

What is Subzero Aesthetic 


• Wrinkle reduction

• Anti-inflammatory

• Antioxidant effect

• Fat reduction  

Subzero is one of the most effective cryotherapy solutions for your aesthetic needs. It enables you to 

treat multiple areas of the body safely and in a very short time, improving active skin conditions while 

also preventing skin aging and reducing fat - all while using your body’s own natural healing processes 

to amazing effect! 

How it works. 

The subzero cryotherapy machine uses pressurized CO2 gas to target a local area of the body and 

cause “thermal shock.” This is where the benefits of subzero cryotherapy can really start to take effect. 

It removes toxins from the skin, promotes the growth of healthy and natural collagen fibers, contours 

and reduces fat through Cryolipolysis, puts the stretch back in skin, and even reduces puffiness in the 

face. Thermal shock has amazing benefits for the body. You’ll be amazed at what only 5 minutes can 

do for your skin and overall health!  

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