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Total Regen Cryo
Service Pricing

Now offering: Cherry Payment Plans!

Get treated now and pay over time with Cherry. Cherry is a payment plan designed for your health, beauty, and wellness needs and procedures and allows you to make convenient monthly payments.

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First Time Visitors get up to 55% off!

3 Signature Services for $55! 

Experience the BEST version of yourself with our signature services. Pick 3 for $55! (up to 55% off!)

Bundled Services

Whole Body


5-Pack: $169



5-Pack: $169



5-Pack: $119

Facial Rejuvenation

5- Pack: $169

Red Light Therapy

5-Pack: $119

Normatec Compression

5-Pack: $119

NEW Featured Bundles

Cryo Aesthetics

Stretch Marks/Scars

Cryo Facial (Frotox)

Hair Regrowth/Rejuvenation

Acne (Body)

Facial Acne



Spot Treatment 

Cupping Facial 

Cryo Sculpting

Cryo Sculpting - Thighs / Hips (Both Legs, Two Areas) 

Cryo Sculpting - Legs

Cryo Sculpting - Glute Lift / Butt 

Cryo Sculpting - Chin/Neck 

Cryo Sculpting – Arms

Cryo Sculpting - Back (One area) 

Cryo Sculpting - Back (Two areas) 

Cryo Sculpting - Bra Bulge 

Cryo Sculpting - Men's Pecs

Cryo Sculpting - Core TreatmentCryo Sculpting - Cellulite Treatment (One area group) 

Find the Perfect Service for You

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Pain Management

Kaasen - Pain Management  (Per area) 

Kaasen - Energy Boost & Mood Enhancer 

Skin Conditions  (Psoriasis, rosacea, ezcema, etc) (Small Area) 


Stretch Therapy

15 - minute session

30 - minute session

$29 Services

Click to book your service for just $29 today!

$42 Services

Click to book your service for just $42 today!

Monthly Memberships

​With our monthly memberships, you can choose from:  Whole Body Cryo, Localized Cryo, Facial Rejuvenation, Red Light Therapy, Norma-Tec, Infrared Sauna, Thera-gun, Vibration Plate, or The Roller Original​.


Total Regen Whole Body Cryo Memberships require no activation or cancellation fee, 3-month minimum commitment set up on autopay.  Cancellations just require a 5-day written notice prior to your next billing.

*​Additional Services $25 each. Sessions do not rollover into next month

Membership levels

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