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The Roller Original

Why & How The Roller Original Works

The Benefits of using the Roller Original include...

  • ​Reduce size of treated spots (decrease in cm) Roller Original new model

  • Tighten muscles

  • Smooth skin

  • Break down fat pads

  • Eliminate cellulite

  • Support blood stream

  • Release muscle tension

  • Support the flow of lymph (lymphatic circle)

  • Form the body

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What is the Roller Original?

The Story of the Roller Original

The Roller Original body massager uses one of the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Therapeutic massage is mentioned in the ancient “Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor” from the Qin and Han dynastic periods. The stimulating effects are achieved by massage in the area of acupuncture lines, reaching all distant parts of the body, or organs connected to them. Interaction and massaging movement on the lines result in regulation and direction of Qi (life energy), regulation of Yin and Yang elements, and regulation of the blood stream and internal organ functioning. The result has a positive effect on the overall physical and mental condition.

The massage is performed by 20 rollers made of hard, but very smooth wood, with a unique shape that allows all the acupressure points to be massaged in a given position. The so-called massaging drum (rotor) consists of 20 of those rollers, and rotates in one direction, at a constant speed of 53 rpm. Immediate contact with the selected area leads to better nutrition of skin cells, thus improving their activity. The skin becomes more supple and pliable, and also firmer. Adipose tissue metabolism improves considerably; surface veins and lymphatic vessels empty faster, and metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous area and muscles improves as well. The above-mentioned therapeutic effect has a remarkable eliminating effect on the factors resulting in cellulite. The exercise also relaxes blocked muscle groups and accretions, softens scar tissue, makes subcutaneous layers firmer, reduces the volume of massaged body part, and eliminates cellulite.

Another favorable effect of massaging by Roller Original is the release of internal opioids, substances similar to morphine. These substances suppress pain, and bring about a feeling of relaxation, bodily pleasure and satisfaction. The therapeutic use of Roller has wide indication possibilities and an excellent effect. The method of treatment is safe, without side effects. However, certain principles have to be followed, and the massage itself has to be performed correctly. The principles include specifically a proper drinking regime (at all times, not just during the exercise), and appropriate diet. Furthermore, we recommend you use our exercise plan when massaging, as it has been designed by leading Czech physiotherapists, always in 50- to 60-minute courses, twice or three times a week.

The best suitable clothing is (elasticated) leggings, a sports T-shirt and socks. The massaged body parts respond spontaneously with a tickling sensation, followed by itching and warmth. These symptoms will disappear after 2 or 3 sessions. The massage is extraordinarily successful on the stomach, hips and thighs. Also recommended for people with flabby skin after a slimming diet and new mothers.

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