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Stretch Therapy

Why Stretch Therapy?

Our Stretch Therapy Enhances...

  • Reduction or elimination of stress

  • Decreased joint aches and pains

  • Greater balance and flexibility

  • Improved posture and mobility

  • Shorter recovery times after exercise sessions

  • Increased blood flow to exhausted muscles

  • Relax muscle and tension

  • Better range of motion

What is Stretch Therapy?

The Therapist will focus on decreasing restrictions in the Muscle, Fascia & Joint Capsule leading to improved FLEXIBILITY; we then address a client’s MOBILITY in order to improve Neuromuscular Control. The goal is to improve joint range of motion (ROM), strength & athletic performance, as well as reduced pain. Our Licensed Therapist has extensive training, certification & experience in Functional Movement (FMT), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy, and will incorporate any or all of these into your stretch experience.

Each customized session is aimed at helping you achieve your goals by unlocking your FLEXIBILITY potential & then helping with your overall MOBILITY.  As needed, your Therapist may incorporate MANUAL Therapy as well as Dynamic STRETCHES, PNF, Mobility Techniques with tools, and Home stretching techniques in order to enhance your stretch therapy experience.

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